Eco-Friendly Beauty


There are certain things we can do in our everyday lives that can help leave the world a little bit better than we found it. Our environment is so important and as humans, we have a responsibility to care for it, however, we can. Aside from recycling, reducing our carbon footprints and walking instead of driving- we can also be more conscious when it comes to our beauty and skincare routines.
There has been a lot in the press and on blogs recently about microbeads and what they do to our environment. If you’ve ever used an exfoliating face wash or scrub they tend to contain little beads that scrub the skin and then get washed down the drain. In non-natural skincare, these beads are usually made of plastic and they end up getting washed into our oceans and kill the wildlife. Fish and sea life are digesting these microbeads and it’s killing them. There are many resources online on how to spot if your face scrub has microbeads in them. For such an easy switch to make, it can make the world of difference to our oceans. Look for natural exfoliating grains such as fine nut shells or plant-based powders such as rosehip seed powder or jojoba beads from which are made from jojoba wax.
Although they may seem easy and convenient to remove makeup, they are really bad for the environment and also not good for your skin. Instead of using face wipes to remove makeup, invest in a proper cleanser and use a flannel. It’s not just face wipes, any kind of wipes when flushed down the toilet can clog drains and pollute the earth. Even thrown into the bin it can end up sitting on landfill sites for years as they don’t decompose. Look for biodegradable wipes or stop using them altogether and opt for a cleanser and flannel.
Most households get through a handful of bottles each week whether it’s shampoo, face cream, a glass jar or even cleaning product bottles. It’s very important to throw these away responsibly at your local recycling plant. How about trying to use your empty containers for other things? Face cream jars make perfect storage for earrings and you can reuse them when travelling and you only need a small amount. Just make sure you wash them thoroughly and try coconut oil to remove stickers.
We hope you’ve found some useful information about how to care for the environment with your beauty products. If you have any tips that you follow in your skincare routine that help the environment, please do let us know.