Baie Botanique is the natural evolution between founder Sophie Oliver’s personal life and professional career. Sophie, who has over twenty years experience in the beauty industry as a makeup up artist and who over the same period transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle, decided to put her twin passions for beauty and health into a truly unique skincare range.

All of our ingredients are chosen for their specific skin enhancing benefits. We’ve looked to the past, the generations of women who’ve kept their skin beautifully soft, supple, glowing and youthful using the plants and herbs that nature has provided.

Rose and rosehip, the staple ingredients of the REGENERATE Natural Skincare Line, have been used by women around the world for thousands of years, to protect against aging, fine lines and wrinkles. From Cleopatra to the Duchess of Cambridge, beautiful women throughout the ages have known about the healing, rejuvenating properties of rose, universally known as the Queen of flowers.

Baie Botanique successfully combines the wisdom of our ancestors with the power of modern skincare technology, to ensure that our natural and organic ingredients penetrate the skin’s surface. That way we have beauty from the inside and out – as our products gently renew the skin’s surface leading to a gorgeous glowing complexion, whilst replenishing deeper beneath the dermis.

Our primary vision

To create a powerful botanical skincare range loaded with pure and natural ingredients and a high organic content whilst keeping preservatives to a minimum and always striving to find the most gentle and natural preservative system to save the skin from unnecessary irritation – Simply allowing the plants to work their magic as nature intended.

‘A beautiful woman is one who glows with health and vitality. Baie Botanique nourishes your skin from the inside and out.’